Propel: The Journey of a Narrative

Aly Honoré
May 31, 2024

Culture is the sea we all move through. Narratives act as waves, emerging from larger cultural currents, shaping our perceptions, and propelling us toward new shores. At the heart of this journey lies the intersection of art, storytelling, and social change, where artists and organizers collaborate to reshape our cultural landscape. 

In a world rife with injustice and inequality, narratives that imagine a better world can energize and mobilize. Yet, navigating the ever-changing currents of culture demands an understanding of the complexities at play and a commitment to strategic action.

Propel: The Journey of a Narrative illustrates the different phases of action and how changemakers can build momentum. This report explores the power of narratives in driving social change. Drawing upon and honoring years of research, art, and activism the Propel report highlights how activists and artists inform their transformational courses of action by meeting the moment.

Key Findings and Recommendations:

We trace each phase of a narrative’s journey, identifying the forces that drive their emergence. This includes the critical peaks, or prominent events that set the stage for positive social change. The report underscores the importance of investing in narrative strategy infrastructure over the long term, recognizing the role of People Power in shaping narratives that challenge the status quo.

The Center for Cultural Power is eager to present you with strategic recommendations for strengthening narrative power and how to nourish investment through the ebbs and flows of culture for sustainable, transformational narrative change.


Propel serves as a call to tactical and strategic action for all those invested in moving us toward our shared destination of a more just and equitable future. While this ongoing journey is a long one, the good news is that culture connects us, letting us see ourselves and each other in new ways in the process. This refines our skills, strengths, and consciousness, bringing us to an increasingly empowered solidarity as we navigate challenging waters. Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to amplifying historically suppressed voices, challenging the status quo of the mainstream, and charting a course toward justice. Join us on this voyage, as we continue to shape and amplify narratives that inspire and activate.