WE GOT US: Irene Takahashi-Coker

Irene Takahashi-Coker

In this new year, we step into our collective brilliance and strength to light our way forward. Though loss, grief, and injustice weigh heavy on our communities, we renew our commitment to justice and social change by celebrating our hope and power. Artists and culture makers, let’s create the world we want to see.

“Everything you need is in you. The magic you hold and the light that flows from your heart has been cultivated and nourished by your ancestors. From the communities, matriarchs, and warriors around you now. We are resilient, we are sacred, and powerful. Just like our ancestors, you will leave a left despite all of the hardships to our beautiful souls. At the end of the day, WE GOT US. We always find a way to grow, to shine, to survive.” - Art and words by Irene Takahashi-Coker @ireneshiori

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