Visions From The Inside: Li

Dolly Li
Visions From The Inside (2015)

Artist statement: “It is damning to realize that we live in a society that keeps young people from learning, from participating in their own childhood, from creating and nurturing friendships. Jackeline’s earnest words force us to pause and consider why we would keep a young girl locked in a place often worse than prison. In my illustration, I wanted to evoke the sensations of feeling trapped and suffocated to show that immigration detention is not a humane place for anyone to exist in, let alone a child. How can we justify keeping Jackeline from an education when learning is all she can dream of? How can we justify Jackeline losing her friends, multiples at a time? How can we justify spending so much money on keeping Jackeline and her family locked in a place that only breeds depression? Our society needs to be reminded that being an immigrant does not make you any less human.” -Dolly Li

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