Housing Justice: Nina Yagual

Nina Yagual

The federal moratorium on evictions expired over the weekend! This decision — looming over the lives of millions of people — will have direct implications on their ability to shelter in a safe place they can call home. And it will also have profound effects on each person’s personal autonomy and sense of self & safety — their ability to make a host of decisions about their lives: their health, their bodies, their sexuality, their families.

We fight for a world where our people have a foundation that supports them to meet their essential needs, to be fully present, to provide necessary care to themselves and their loved ones.

As artist Nina Yagual shares: “A home that is stable, affordable and secure not only means that we are able to curate a life full of color, tradition, and magic, but it also paves a way for ongoing health and happiness for future generations.” 🌿

Audre Lorde reminds us there is no such thing as a single-issue struggle. Reproductive Justice Equality and Housing Equity Justice are inextricably linked.

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