T.R. Carmona

Constellations Fellowship Program Manager
Taylor R. Carmona (She/They) is an Indigenous Mexican-American Artist, Writer, and Filmmaker from South Texas. Carmona received their Bachelor's Degree in Art - Communication, from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. After graduating, they worked as a freelance videographer and project manager, then began their career as an independent writer and filmmaker. Carmona is the Founder of the film collective, Pomegranate Vision and, along with the participation of the collective, has independently produced, written, directed, and edited three short films. Each story that is created depicts a passion and dedication to intentionally honor Indigenous and Latine cultures by promoting new forms of decolonizing, authentic, and accurate representation in media, writing, and film. Carmona believes in creating art as a tool that aids in the radical transcendence, subversion, and healing of the foundations of our existence. It is their great honor to have the opportunity to manage and foster the Artist Disruptors, for the Constellation Fellowship, that will be some of the necessary catalysts needed to inspire these revolutions.